Speaker Series Materials

Speaker Series 2018

In a continuation of the series started in 2017, San Joaquin Council of Governments, in conjunction with University of the Pacific Center for Business and Policy Research, is holding three seminars in 2018 that feature robust discussions on regional issues in San Joaquin County. The seminars will be held in the SJCOG Board Conference Room and will host an array of different professionals in their respective fields. 

Dates and topics are as follows:

- May 02, 2018: Transportation Technologies: Innovations in San Joaquin

- August 18, 2018: Career Development and the Changing Workforce

- October, 2018: Coming soon 

Transportation Technology LinkTransportation Technology Seminarspeaker seriesCareer Development and the Changing Workforce


Speaker Series 2017

Dates and topics are as follows:
- May 18, 2017: Regional Affordability    
- July 18, 2017: Healthy Communities
- September 21, 2017: Jobs & Economy: The Economic Impacts of the Regional Transportation Plan

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Regional Affordability GraphicRegional Affordability Seminar

Healthy Communities Seminar
Healthy Communities Seminar
Flyer for Jobs & Economy Seminar on September 21 at SJCOG