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City of TracyThe city of Tracy, characterized by some as the 'Silicon Valley East' has rapid growth in specific industries. These industries include most white collar jobs such as management, business, science, and arts (defined by the Census Bureau's American Community Survey).
(Photo Source: ELS Architecture and Urban Design)

City of Lathrop
The city of Lathrop is one of Northern California's fastest growing and most comprehensive Master Planned Communities and is experiencing the highest percentage in population growth within our region.
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Lodi Wine CountryThe city of Lodi is economically anchored in manufacturing, retail, health care, and hospitality industries. Agriculture also largely contributes to Lodi's local economy, with grapes being the largest crop.
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Related imageManteca attracts commercial and industrial businesses. It's a place for commuters to live affordably. Manteca has undergone economic revitalization efforts in recent years, making it one of the most successful, economically, within our region. 
(Photo Source: LDA Architects and Designers)

Image of Stockton WaterfrontStockton is the largest within our region. Its size, economy, population and residents make it attractive for development and growth. Stockton has fourteen fully improved industrial and business parks, nine of which contain rail access. Stockton is also home of the Port, which improves goods movement, and provides many jobs within the city core. 

City of Escalon
The City of Escalon, a small community with less than 8,000 residents, is known for being the 'Land of Peaches and Cream' and in the past served as a 'stepping stone' for the railroad. 
(Photo Source: City of Escalon)

Image result for Ripon ca
Ripon is known as 'the Jewel of the Valley' is relatively small and is local enough for residents to live and commute to other parts of our region, or into the Bay Area.
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