Image of man and child walking on road holding handsMany factors can impact San Joaquin County’s health, which represents our communities’ lifestyle habits. Health data includes air quality, disease, mortality rates, disability, and more, to help us increase quality of life for San Joaquin Region residents. A life expectancy graph comparing cities and regions within San Joaquin County is below.

San Joaquin County life expectancy is lower than that of California. Even this one-year difference is still notable. Factors that impact these rates include air quality, general well-being and livelihood, health, income levels, etc. Stockton has the most life expectancy data because it is considered a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), an urbanized area with a population greater than 50,000 (U.S. Census Bureau). Graph data comes from and the San Joaquin County 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, rates of persons under 65 with disabilities is comparable to the number of persons without health insurance. Unfortunately, the number of people in San Joaquin County under 65 without health insurance exceeds state and national levels. This graph illustrates the county’s numbers compared to California and the U.S.

BMI For Adults Widget

The 2018 Regional Transportation Plan is SJCOG’s first RTP to track Health and Wellness factors. SJCOG’s Envision Tomorrow indicators for 2035 include weekly total walking minutes, daily biking minutes, and daily total physical activity minutes per person, average BMI, and general poor health (from self-track health surveys through the California Health Interview Survey). The Envision Tomorrow model predicts the following indicators for scenario 2A.

health performance metrics 2a

Obesity is a problem in San Joaquin County. The green chart shows that San Joaquin County’s obesity rate exceeds that of California by about 7%. Although childhood obesity is lower than California’s, 6% is still too high.

obesity rates
weight comparison

The graph shows the comparison of overweight adults and obese children in California versus San Joaquin County (Source: 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment).

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